How to choose an accountant in Galway?


How to choose an accountant in Galway?

We have many years of experience helping our clients in Galway in areas including Company FormationTax Advice including VAT and PAYE returnsPersonal Tax Matters and all Company Accounting and Tax Issues.

How to Choose a Galway Accountant? 

Some basics are that the accountant should be qualified, keep up to date on all changing legislation on taxation, company law matters etc. They should have their own professional indemnity insurance and be regulated by their association.  You should be able to meet with your accountant at least once / twice a year, depending on the type of business it might require more meetings than this. You should be able to trust your accountant.

What questions to ask and what should you pay?

The main things to watch out for and get clear at the start of any business relationship is what service / product is being provided and what the cost for that service is going to be? If there are any misunderstandings on what is to be provided this can cause problems in the future. We issue all new clients with engagement letters which outlines the services we will provide. We will also provide a written quote for the services to ensure you know exactly what you are expected to pay.

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