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The Home Carer Personal Tax Credit

The Home Carer’s tax credit may apply to more married couples today than it did in recent years as one spouse may be at home full time caring particularly for children due to the economic recession. The home carer’s tax credit is available to married couples who are jointly assessed, where one spouse stays at …


Reminder NPPR Tax Due 30 June 2012

This is applicable to those who have investment properties, second homes and holiday homes etc. The fee is €200 and is payable to the local authority in which the property is situated. The website is easy to use and you can create an account to make the payment online. Collection of the Non Principal …


2012 NPPR Charge Due by 30 June 2012

2012 NPPR Charge Due by 30 June 2012 This annual tax is again due for renewal, it seems to come around pretty fast ever year now! This is applicable to those who have investment properties, second homes and holiday homes etc. The fee is €200 and is payable to the local authority in which the …


Income Tax Return 2011 ROS Filing Date

2011 Income Tax Return Revenue have advised that the existing 31 October 2011 Pay & File deadline for 2011 Income Tax returns is being extended to Thursday 15 November 2012 for returns filed online via the ROS system. To avail of the extended deadline, an individual must, by 15 November File their 2011 Form 11 …


Free Seminar on Business Start Up & Growth Stage

This is a free event happening on 9th May 2012 at 7 pm which would be of interest to anyone who within the last 5 years has set up in business or anyone thinking of setting up in business. Click here to find out more Improving Your Business Flyer – May 9th 2012


Rent Tax Credit to be phased out by 2018

Below is an extract from the Revenue Commissioners budget summary. This outlines the phasing out of the tax relief for those renting private property as their residence. Those in tenancies prior to 7 December 2010 can continue to claim the rent credit. However it appears (from the wording in the Finance Act) that any new …


Taxation – Finance Bill 2012 Published

Finance Bill 2012 has been published and the main changes outlined in the Budget have been confirmed. The following is a summary. Property relief measures There are two key elements to today’s property relief measures: A 5% USC surcharge on the use of property incentives, and A restriction of property-based capital allowances. 1. USC surcharge …


Mortgage Interest Relief Increased to 30% in Budget 2012

Good news for those who took out home mortgages in the period 2004 – 2008. The mortgage interest relief for first time buyers who are residing in the property increases to 30% until 2017. According to the Revenue website there is no need for borrowers to do anything. Revenue and the lending institutions will make …


Time to pass on, your assets that is! Retirement Relief, change is coming.

The government have announced their intention to change the retirement relief applicable to capital gains tax where farmers and business owners pass on assets to the next generation or sell them to third parties. The measures designed to incentivise timely farm transfers were announced as part of the Budget for 2012 (with further details to …


Breaking News – Pensions Are Taxable!

See attached a link to the Revenue website providing information that they have discovered through ongoing exchange of information arrangements between the Department of Social Protection (DSP) and Revenue that some pensioners were not being taxed on their pensions and the Revenue Commissioners intend to rectify the situation!

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