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Financial Planning – Pensions & Retirement Planning

We will all be retiring later, or so the government propose anyway. There is also the prospect (if you are an employee) of being auto-enrolled into a pension scheme, whether you like it or not. Thinking about this and much more about pensions, it made me wonder about the amount someone might want/need in retirement …


Life Assurance Offers

ZURICH LIFE ASSURANCE DEALS Zurich Life are currently offering special deals on their life assurance products. In an environment of increasing prices and government charges getting discounts or offers of this magnitude is well worth considering. €10,000 CANCER COVER for 1 cent The first offer is on their new Cancer Cover product. When someone takes …


Mortgage Interest Rates – ECB to Cut Rates?

This is a link to an article by Charlie Weston in todays Irish Indpendent about the possible cut in interest rates by the ECB which could happen in the summer given the European countries underperforming economies. Click here for the article. Anyone on a tracker mortgage should benefit from any rate cut, however for those …


Financial Planning – NCA Baby Steps Booklet

This is a guide produced by the National Consumer Agency about planning for the expenses that baby’s bring! It goes through all the details of the effect of the costs attached to having children to the effect it can have on a mothers pension / retirement plan and more. Very comprehensive guide and worth a …


Financial Planning – Personal Insolvency

Previously, if you were insolvent, that is, you were unable to pay your debts or meet your liabilities, bankruptcy was the only formal mechanism available for you to settle your debts and get protection from your creditors. Bankruptcy proceedings are taken in the High Court and can be expensive. Bankruptcy also placed certain restrictions on …


Financial Planning – Cancer Cover

Cancer is a word that instills fear in everyone. Cancer is the term used to refer to all types of malignant tumours. A malignant tumour usually grows quickly, often invades surrounding tissue as it expands and can spread via the bloodstream or lymphatic system to form more growths in other parts of the body. There …


Financial Planning – Protection 5% Discount

The 5% discount being offered by Zurich Life on their protection products is coming to a close this week. Anyone interested in finding out more about this offer let me know. New Ireland are also offering a similar discount. Irish Life are offering €25,000 worth of life assurance for free for a year for parents …


Retirement Planning – AMRF Changes in Finance Bill 2013

The AMRF limits (Fund and Guaranteed Lifetime Income) for AMRFs have been reduced. This is a new addition and not previously flagged in the Budget 2013. This will allow more people to access AMRF Funds and Vested-PRSA AMRF funds rather than waiting to age 75 (when AMRFs become ARFs). The current limits for post Finance …


Financial Planning – 5% Off Life Cover

Another offer on the market at present (apart from Irish Life’s free cover – see previous blog) is the 5% discount on offer from Zurich Life on life cover, mortgage protection, serious illness etc. on premiums up to €250 per month. So now is a good time to be reviewing your life cover should you …


Financial Planning – Free Life Cover

A free offer doesn’t come along that often so I wanted to tell you about something that Irish Life are doing to increase awareness about the importance of life assurance for parents with young children. Irish Life are offering free cover of €25,000 per parent for parents with children under 13 and where the parents …

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